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Original Homosexual Stories and Artwork

Write Away!

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A community that promotes all homosexual fiction and art.


This rule pertains only to the entry you posted in ah_gayfiction--you are by NO means required to lock your OWN journal entry.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please check out our FAQ, or contact a moderator.


This is a community dedicated to original homosexual fiction and artwork (NOT fan fiction/fan art or real people slash).

Remember this is a community for homosexual stories and artwork! No heterosexual works please, unless the f/m pairing is not the star, or the story is coming of age, contains bisexuality, etc.

Please introduce yourselves! We love to see new faces in this community :) Be nice to all your fellow writers and artists. We are all here to share stories/artwork and get constructive criticism.

If you plan to post NC-17 / X rated stories or art, please Members Lock. This includes NC-17 / X rated stories linked back to other journals, though the entry at the other journal does not have to be locked itself. ALL stories and art should be put under an lj-cut. To learn how to make an lj-cut, follow this link.

Policy on Betas: Please be free to ask the community for betas. I'm sure someone will lend a hand. (A beta is not required to post your stories, but is recommended. You can also check out originalbeta)

Rules for Pimping Communities: Please no pimping. If you have a story and a link for a community, which is related to your works, then go ahead. But if your post is solely for the fact of pimping (and not related to writing or artwork), do not post. The post will be deleted and you will be warned.

Warning: If one does not follow all community rules, they will be notified not to repeat the offense. If trouble still pursues, the person will be banned.

If you need more clarification regarding the rules of this community, please check out our FAQ, or contact a moderator.

Affiliated Communities:
(If you would like to be affiliated with ah_gayfiction, please contact Marika: marika (at) windstream (dot) net.

originalbeta: Original beta is a community for people who are looking for a beta, or want to be a beta.

_fanfics_: The Fanfiction Archives is dedicated to all forms of fandom involving anime, television, manga, movie, and fiction-novel fans. Artwork, comic strips, poetry, icons, and of course fanfiction... anyone and anything fandom related are welcome! Keep an eye out for contests & challenges!

bent-fiction.com: An archive for original gay fiction :)

web_writers: Devoted to those who post fiction on the internet, web_writers allows advertising, discussion, and polling of it's members. Whether you're new to this medium, or an old pro, we're hoping to hear from you.

mukashi2: A open community for posting stories, poetry or art based on a fairy tale, folklore, fable, myth or legend. All fandoms are welcome, and original works are welcome too.

topandbottom: This community is about celebrating the love of tops and bottoms. It doesn't matter the pairing, the place, or who the top or bottom is. All that matters is the hot sex... and love... possibly.

the_slash_pile: A community dedicated to reccing the best in original slash.

queernarrative: This community is for collecting and posting queer narratives in the first person.


Remember to have fun, and create lots of stories and artwork!

Your moderators,

marika_kailaya, camliawaite, and lady_shikamaru

(If you have any questions, please contact Marika at marika (at) windstream (dot) not.

Community Created By: inari_k

Layout done by the wonderful gossymer
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